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Meet THE Elev8 Crew


originating from South Africa, has  more than 25 Years of training behind him, gaining valuable experience by working with a multitude of well recognised & respected sports personalities & celebrities.

Personal Trainer

Dean Ash

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Ivo’s goal is more than just fitness, it’s about self development and self improvement.   His aim is to find your weaknesses and work on them with you to make them stronger than you ever thought possible.

Personal Trainer

Ivo Mendes


I help women achieve their dream body’s and help them gain the confidence they’ve always wanted. I’ve been there myself and dropped over two stone through trial and error. 

Personal Trainer

Ekam grewal


Everyone’s goals and fitness levels are unique. Whether you are someone new to exercise, a world class athlete or someone in between, I have a personal approach to suit each client I work with.

Personal Trainer

joel Gentle


Coming from a big athletic background starting from martial arts, and becoming one of the UK’s top natural junior bodybuilders; Jorge has a wide range of experience working with a range of individuals, from the everyday person in the city to competitive athletes.

Personal Trainer

Jorge Darkadas


UK based personal trainer, Boxing Coach, combat fitness retreat Coach and experienced boxer.

personal trainer & Owner

Lee denton

Monica - Personal Trainer, Elev8 Fitness

My passion is to get people fitter and stronger, to over come their fears and challenge their strength levels. This is the best feeling I could ever share with someone. My main goal with training is to help you become a better you, stronger and confident!  "you don’t hit what you don’t aim for"

personal trainer

Monica Sousa Araujo


I work with my clients around their desired outcome using a systematic and a structured, well-balanced training and nutritional programme.That’s the professional jargon over and done with.

personal trainer

naheed din


I will show you how to build a strong, lean and functionally fit body with minimal training and time spent in the gym. Using leading edge training methods and superior diet strategies, you will aggressively strip body fat while getting stronger.

personal trainer

Nick Webb


My dream is to inspire and energise others with a passion to be the best possible version of themselves, through educating and promoting a fun but hard working environment.

personal trainer & Owner

richard marques


I am a personal trainer, Pilates instructor and nutritionist who is dedicated to making you look and feel the very best version of you. 

Get in touch for a free consultation and let me help you start feeling good, for now and for life.

personal trainer

Sue Leckie


Despite my 20 (and counting) years within the health and fitness industry I still to this day have a burning passion to help people achieve their health goals.

personal trainer & Owner

Tony  Welford