Losing weight eating chunky KitKats??

Imagine if your trainer told you - you have  to swap your daily two KitKats for rice cakes!😩 (unless you were diabetic / dairy intolerant etc etc!)

I see so many of these super healthy alternatives to what you could be eating instead, but how about just eating a bit less of what you're currently eating? Then you get all these people saying “well that's not healthy, you shouldn't be eating that if you're trying to lose weight” but we all know that losing weight doesn't come down to the type of food you're eating, it's often the amount of calories you're consuming.

We all want to be healthier and eat more nutritiously dense food, but if you’re starting out from day one trying to swap your three KitKats a day for some rice cakes is going to be a very painful process that you’re not going to want to sustain.

The foods that you’ve restricted will become all you can think about and start to obsess over. You’ll soon start to hate your new regime and often become unhappier than you were to start with.

So lets find something that you eat pretty often, you know is particularly high in calories, but you could manage having a little bit less off. (like that 4th KitKat!) This means you don't have to eliminate any foods types from your diet and you can keep eating the foods you enjoy,  whilst enabling you to be in a deficit.

Just reducing your intake by one Chunky a day would save you 1400 calories a week!

Of course striving for more ‘healthier’ nutritious foods in our diet should be a huge aim for all of us. My advice to just start with changes that are easier to implement, changes that still allow us to enjoy our favourite foods, and the type of changes that don’t make us feel we’re missing out.

Not even a sponsored post by KitKat but I’m open to offers!!🤗

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