Jayn's Story

When I first started training with Tony over four years ago, my main goals were to improve my fitness and build up my strength. Of course, I wanted to lose a little excess weight in the process and ‘tone up’. My upper body has always been weaker than my lower, and I started out unable to do one press up or pull up. I can now comfortably do different variations of press ups, and while I am still working on my pull ups I have definitely improved and manage to do the occasional few unassisted!

I’ve never felt as motivated training on my own, so having started out with one training session a week I upped this to two as I found that Tony pushed me more than I would have myself. He taught me correct form and technique and created tailored training sessions to focus on my weaknesses, while at the same time improving my overall fitness and strength.

However, I feel that my journey really began in the last 12 months. I have become stricter with both my training and eating habits, meaning I am finally starting to see the results I want!

A large part of what inspired this change was signing myself up for Elev8's Marbella Bootcamp. This was a whole new challenge, and I knew I had to put in the work so I would be fit enough to keep up with the group and the sessions.

I joined the Saturday morning Gauntlet class in preparation for the Bootcamp, which added another element to my training. I felt that three sessions a week would make a difference to my fitness and shape. Richard and Lee throw all sorts of challenges at you during the classes, which were a great taste of what was to come in Marbella!

By combining high intensity sessions with weight training and altering my diet and calorie intake, I managed to steadily lose 6kg while continuing to build strength and muscle and work on my fitness which has vastly improved.

As I am in my 20’s I feel the time is now to invest in myself and create a strong, healthy body that I am proud of. Four years ago, I would never have contemplated training in a sports bra, but I have more confidence in my body and appearance now to do so and that is continuing to grow. I’ve really discovered a love for training, and feel I’m in a great place at the moment with a consistency in my routine. I enjoy every session for the variety of workouts and different intensity and focus each time, and I’m ready to take it to the next level! 


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