Home workouts 😐

I hate them too! 

Not in the environment you want to be training in.

Not the right equipment you want.

Too many distractions around.

Even more self motivation is needed.

No set time to train or place you need to be at. 

No interaction with other people. 

Can’t do your usual type of session so what’s the point. 

You don’t enjoy planning your own workouts. 

I’ll stop there! 

Seeing as gyms will be closed for a further 3-4 weeks let’s all re focus on what we can do to get the best and most out of our home workouts, without it being too painful!

Firstly, ask for help if you need it. Don’t be afraid to ask us what would work best for you at home. 

Don’t be afraid to change your goals. 

I’ve seen so many people trying to achieve the exact same goals as they were pre lockdown, with all of the gym equipment and class options they had back then.

The equipment, (if any) time and training frequency will dictate this. 

With many people it might be the case where doing less exercises at home works better. Instead, upping the reps quite a bit,  lowering the rest times, joining same muscle group exercises together (double sets / tri sets etc) could be what’s required to achieve that muscle stimulus that’s needed.

Most importantly have a plan and set goals.

Know what you’re going to be doing before you start your session. Set some goals that you want to achieve over the next few weeks / month. Even if it’s doing 1 extra rep somewhere. Having something to work towards can really help when the motivation dips. 

Lastly, put some music on! There has to be some pleasure to accompany the pain! 

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