Exercise selection

When you walk into a gym and see 200 machines staring back at you things can seem pretty complicated. Add to that the 800 versions of an Ab crunch you’ve seen on YouTube and it’s no surprised people are confused 🤯

What if I told you that you can get in amazing shape with just 5-7 movements 🤩

That’s right, because doing really small variations of an exercise in the same gym session is where people start wasting their time, becoming frustrated and more often than not just end up tiring those muscles that you’re trying to strengthen / build. The resulted that you’d expected don’t come and you’re likely to give up.

You have a few options with each movement so lets go through them:

1. Squat

This doesn’t mean you need an Olympic bar on your back. It could be a Goblet squat, a box squat, or a squat holding dumbbells at your sides.

2. Pull

Pulling a weight down from overhead. This could be a Lat pull down, a neutral or underhand pull down, or even an assisted pull up.

3. Deadlift

Again this doesn’t have to be performed with a bar. A Kettlebell using a sumo stance can be a great way to start off with this kind of moment.

4. Overhead press

Standing or seated with a bar or a pair of dumbbells. Wide or neutral grip is good.

5. Lunge

My favourites are Walking lunges, rear foot elevated lunge or alternated reverse lunges.

6. Chest press

Flat to incline bench with dumbbells or bar. Or even using a machine if it’s decent enough at your gym.

7. Row

Lying, seated or bend over. Seated cable row is a good place to start. If you find yourself rocking around too much then try lying incline bench rows with dumbbells.

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