Is NOT just for January! 

Soon we will be a few days into February and will mean the 'no drinking for January' is over and many of you might be back to drinking alcohol again after stopping for 31 days, however it's really important you keep it sensible and don't go over the top with everything.


We all know that too much alcohol is bad for you and not just because it attacks the liver, but also due to the high calories and sugar content after a few beverages. The odd drink isn't going to do much and like most things we consume, it's all about having alcohol in moderation and not going over the top with it, especially when we are considering your health.

Set A New Goal...

Its time for you to set a new goal within your health and fitness goals, which can be anything from wanting to lose weight to changing for the good! Just because Dry January is nearly over doesn't mean you can't reach another goal which you want to achieve, no more excuses, get out there and get it done. Start by telling us your goal and book a free consolation today!  

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