I have been involved in fitness for twenty years, and over that time I have tried it all. Nothing has taught me more than experience.Throughout my training career I have achieved advanced strength levels, single digit body fat, all in my late thirties.


I did this through superior training methods. Knowledge is power. My training works and I deliver results. If you put your trust in me and follow my methods you will be blown away by the results!


This vocation is only meaningful to me when I can genuinely help someone be the best that they can be.There is a lot of misinformation out there in the fitness world and will guide you through all the fog and put you on a program that works.


The best thing is you will do this spending minimal amounts of time in the gym. With only two hours per week consistent training you will get stronger and drastically change the way you look.


My training is science based, researched and perfected. I base everything on barbell training as research suggests this key to building a strong, healthy and lean body. Barbell training is tried and tested over time to give the best results.


The most dramatic changes will come with my diet strategies.You will never out train a bad diet, never forget this. I will show you the superior diet for body composition, using a clever diet hack. The fat will melt off while you build, strong dense muscles. You will never feel hungry or deprived.


Contact me below to arrange a free consultation.


I look forward to training with you!

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